Thursday, 22 December 2011

New items to expect for 2012

So here is a list of items you can expect for 2012~
  • Cat ears
  • 2.25 inch buttons
  • Aprons 
  • Lolita style maid outfits
  • New fabric prints for lolita outfits
  • One piece dresses
  • Blouses

Adding to the stock
  • Cat bell necklaces
  • Jumper skirts
  • Skirts
  • Hair accessories
  • Rings
  • Wallets
And much much more! So be sure to stop by my booth in the new convention season~
Also I will be accepting Chibi commissions for 2.25 inch buttons it's 3.00 each

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Daily post

Well had the last convention of the year on Sunday which was DTAC aka December Toronto Anime Convention. It was held from 11am-5pm and boy it was packed the entire time! Almost 1000 people or so attending this one day convention, all crowded into a room for maybe 200-500 people. But it was still great for sales~
Now that I have some time off until the new year for convention season, I can make lots of new things :)
 Once my work station is cleaned up and some new products are made I will post pictures.
So stay tuned~

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Daily poupee girl snap shot

Today I though I'd like to share with you a snap shot of my poupee girl's daily dress up. Soon I will post some new items that will be for sale at DTAC this Sunday. There will be lots of One of a kind items, so make sure to stop by my booth if you happen to be in the Toronto region~

That's all for now~
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Friday, 2 December 2011

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sale's and new listings on Etsy

Missed the chance to buy something on Cyber Monday? 
Since I'm in the holiday mood I've extended the deals until Sunday at midnight.

What does that mean? You can still send me a note on something your interested in from my shop,
and I can make you some type of deal~ Perhaps free shipping on buying more than 1 item. Maybe a free button?

Monday, 28 November 2011

Cyber Monday

Interested in something in my shop and looking for a Cyber Monday sale? Send me a note and maybe I can make you a deal~

Thursday, 24 November 2011

New wallets***

Just a quick post on a new product just recently made.
Fabric wallets with a button closure~
Priced at $7.00 each. Each design  is a little bit different for this fabric, 
but it makes it just a little more unique!
Limited stock so grab it while you can on my ETSY

Thursday, 27 October 2011

 So This week I made some new accessories with some cabochons I ordered. 
It consists of cute carousel ponies, adorable little bunnies and yummy sweets~ 
These are for sale at $5.00 each and limited stock (1 of each) grab it while you can!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Welcome to the English blog for my brand Rococo Neko. Rococo Neko is for handmade lolita, vk clothing and deco den goods and accessories. I will post updates on new crafts, events and anything related to my brand on here.